Clear White Chapel 200 ml, Spray.Bike

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Spray.Bike is a groundbreaking range of bicycle-specific color coating designed for both amateur and professional use.


The paint is a dry matte powder-coating that doesn’t drip, dribble or misbehave in any way. It’s revolutionary in its ease of application and quality of finish, making it perfect for customizing, repairing and restoring.


Pocket Solids
Black, white and the super-bright fluros - perfect for line, stencil and detail work.

Spray.Bike Whitechapel - 200ml
Our finest crisp chalk white.

  • Spray distance: 5-12 cm
  • Ιdeal for steel, aluminium and even carbon parts
  • Recommended minimum coat: one
  • Requires no post-application heat treatment
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