Custom Assemblies

Why come here?

Most of the people who purchase bicycles from us are not first time bicycle owners.  Often it is their third fourth or fifth "real" bike.  Fewer, but worth noting, come to us for their first bike on referral from a friend who bought new one from us or had some work done on theirs.  Often people come to us after having shopped around town, but just aren't getting the right vibe, or haven't adopted their go-to shop yet.  Maybe the bikes aren't quite right.  Maybe the sales person couldn't quite connect.  Whatever the case we tend to be a last resort for those who appreciate a little more undivided attention to help sort out whether the bike they have in mind is possible or feasible. 

If, after a simple discussion, you find this is the right approach for you we dive headlong into dreaming up the build.  I help you dream as big as your budget will allow, too often finding your dreams are more important to you than your budget.  But I stay on target, making sure all the parts work well together, with your body, and with your budget. 

We incubate this dream a little, often times shooting messages over text or email or through a spreadsheet as the vision crystallizes.  Then after a deposit, we begin the build process.  On pick up day you, pay the balance and roll away on a the best bicycle you've ever owned.