Deposit for VO Polyvalent Complete Bike

Delivery time: Timeframe varies, call to discuss
Velo Orange is releasing a fantastic new frame: the Polyvalent, but with disc brakes this time around.  We're offering it to you as a complete bike.
We don't go in for new bikes very often, but when we saw this frame, it just ticked all the boxes.  Short of buying a custom hand-built frame, there's virtually no one offering a frame with classic road aesthetics + horizontal top tube + disc brakes + low-trail fork + tire clearance for whopping 650x47 + three water bottle mounts + quill stem + two equally gorgeous color options + bag of chips.  Yes, you get a bag of chips!  We'll give you a bag of chips. 
If you're still reading this, you know what this implies.  A bike that excels at:
Decorating your home.
Camping, touring, long rides.
Rendering you motionless as you stare at it.
Being photographed with nearly any backdrop.
Lulling you into a daydream with it's pillowy tires.
Whimsical exploration of local roads and neighborhoods.
Packing most of your bring-alongs in a front rack or bag.
Elevating your confidence in braking on a rainy day, steep hills, or runaway descents.
We've done some homework to help figure out the parts you'll need to build one up.  We're offering 8 variations of the build kits to choose from, which paired with the frame sets makes the complete bikes $1900-2500.  For these complete bike purchases we include assembly (a $350 value). Talk to us about how you want to dress up yours!  
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