Deposit for Modern Disc Brake Allrounder


The principles of a good allrounder can almost always be found in a vintage frame. But there are some cases where advancments in technology are more practical for the more demanding rider. Modern disc brakes for example decrease wear on the rim, increase control during fast and steep descending, riding off-road or in the rain. It starts with a conversation about your hopes and needs, budget and time-frame and after a few days if we feel we are a good fit for you, and you feel confident in us we move on to a deposit. With that, we'll order up the frame set and components, pick the color, and get to work making a bicycle built for the experiences you're planning. Come into the shop to step onto the fit bike so we can dial in the feel, pick a saddle, try out handlebar options.

Turnaround times are dependent on the current workload, if you are hoping to have the bicycle by a given date please call or stop in to discuss before making a deposit.


Shipping costs, if applicable, will be added into the final cost.

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