Service and Repair

Over the years, customers have come to me or referred others to me for the following:

  1. Shifting and braking issues.  Because I treat yours as if it were my own bike, and better.
  2. Creaks, Squeaks, and other unwanted bike noises.  Because I'm more annoyed by it than you are.
  3. Gaining understanding about your bike and need someone with enough interest and patience to help explain issues.  Because knowledge ain't a bad thing to share.
  4. You've got some ideas for improving the bike and want to know the best options.  Because you're probably not alone on that.
  5. Peace of mind.  Because I'm looking out for you.

Best thing to do is to text.  Second best is email.  Third best is to simply stop by during open hours.   Contact info can be found at top of the page.


Here are some questions others often ask:

  • How much is a tuneup?

$100, give or take $50.  I assess bikes one at a time.  Some things need what they appear to, in other cases solutions aren't as straight forward.  I listen to your main concerns, listen to the bike, and work with your budget so you and bike get along wonderfully, and harmoniously together.

  • How often should I get a tuneup?

There are a few key services we offer for free that could really help you here: air pressure and chain wear check.   I would suggest bringing in your bike as often as once month at least to check air pressure and once every 2 months to check chain wear.  Again, this is free.  After a few months you and I will know your bike better and monitor how well it's holding up and we'll be able to spot problems while they're small.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

If you need your bike everyday or at a certain time, it's best to call ahead to make an appointment because I don't want to leave you without a your ride for long.  You could just stop in during our open hours, that's fine too.  We can turn around most minor repairs in the same day.  because fixing a flat, installing a chain, brake pads, or shifting adjustment really shouldn't take that long.  More complex repairs like tune ups, overhauls, can be turned around withing 1-3 days.  It simply requires a little more time.

  • When should I replace my tires?

Tire wear varies according to the type of rubber, air pressure, rider weight, riding manners, and terrain.  A heavy duty commuter tire might get around 6000 miles while a lightweight racing tire may get 2500 miles.  And if you don't use some sort of odometer, it's hard to know when.  I would suggest replacing your tires at least once every two years if you ride occasionally, and once a year if you ride regularly.  After some years of riding, you'll be able to visually check the tire, and know when it's time to replace it. 

  • Do you answer other questions?

For sure, just email or call.  Contact info is at the top and bottom of the page.



Here's a sampler of our services:

 Replace inner tube  $12    Replace pedals $11    Inspect, Wash & Clean  $45
 Adjust Headset  $12    Replace Saddle  $11    Install Fenders  $50+
 Adjust Brake  $16    Align Hanger  $16    Headset Install $60
 Replace Brake Pads  $23    Replace cassette  $23    Replace b. bracket  $60
 Adjust Derailleur  $16    Install Rack  $23    Pro Wheel Build  $90
 True Wheel $15+    Install Chainring  $23    Internet Bike Build  $90+
 Replace cable  $23    Replace Spoke  $23    Box Bike to ship  $90
 Replace Chain  $11    Wrap Handlebars $30    Cold Set Frame  $45