Allrounder is a smiley little family with a live/work bicycle shop in Emeryville, CA.

We live at the intersection of artistry, mechanics, nonviolence… and diapers.

We live near the intersection of 61st and Hollis, less than a block from the Emeryville Greenway, and right next to a green taco truck that we eat from way too much.

We thrive on creative problem solving and helping each person one at a time.

We also thrive on Imperfect Produce, pints of Ben and Jerry’s, and frozen pizzas.

We seek to regain some of the autonomy that we tend to surrender daily to jobs that have us produce goods and services for people we never meet or know.

We also seek to regain memory of the password to our Netflix acount.

We hope to live a life that inspires families to spend more time together, starting with our own.

We wish to protect the hand-made trades, careers that are as restorative for the trades person as they are for the consumer who benefits from their product and humanhood.

Bicycles happen to be our particular sphere of influence. We find that the majority of our customers are looking for the same thing, a specific kind of all-purpose bike: Lightweight, Versatile, Reliable, Doesn’t break the bank, and Looks Good! We’ve heard it so many times before.

There are a few ways we help procure this.
1) Recommend you a to a local dealer that stocks the kind of thing you’re looking for. They just can’t wait to meet you! Probably.
2) Help you hunt one down online, eBay, or Craigslist. Our knowledge and experience helps customers navigate the used bike market, making the most of what’s already there, and making your dollar go a little further.
3) Our preferred way: Use what’s there! We help you find a second-hand but good-quality road bike frame, give it a fresh coat of paint, and infuse it with some of the better features modern technology has graced us with to make that sweet ol’ bike more ergonomic, intuitive, and durable. This is exactly the kind of bike we ride ourselves.

We stand by our professional assemblies, offering a free year of basic tune-ups from the time you purchase the bike. We know, it’s just a bike, but after over 25 years of putting bikes together, we don’t trivialize the details. We know it’s you who will be riding it. Our tune-ups make your bike work brilliantly.

Come see us in Emeryville, we’d love to help get you rolling, and keep you rolling, then braking. Then rolling again.